Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Day 3: The Elements of Art

Today we learned about the basic elements of art. For those of you at home try to do a drawing of your idea for the project using these elements:


We used this information in our drawings - mapping and combining ideas while looking for connections between each persons concepts.


1) How does your idea overlap or connect to others?

2) What interconnections do we see?

3) What sort of visual research do we need for this project?

Please bring visual research materials to next session.

The participants in this project are designing and painting Collective Imprints. This project is a unique and refreshing approach to creating art WITH people. As artist facilitator for this project my role is to lead the process and transfer technical knowledge. The participants are the lead artists.

Bring your friends to the workshops. You can use this site to add your ideas and visual contributions. See you Tuesday.

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